Career Builders Academy:

Career Builders Academy Ltd. (CBA) is the result of long years of research into the best way to achieve the most effective style and mode of impacting knowledge in today’s increasingly restless and distracted youth. With a team of seasoned teachers in the disciplines of Science, Art and Social Sciences as well as Adult Training and Career Guidance, we commissioned a project of researching into how best of totally mould not just the interest and capacity of students in fruitful learning but also the redirection of the youth productive energies into good character formation and self actualization. This effort started way back in 1991.

Our Findings:

Our findings reveal that pupils are more inclined to learn and appreciate the value of parents and teachers investment in their future when the learning processes and expectations of the adult are made more friendly, less magisterial and relaxed. We also found out that pupils are motivated by special attention of supervision by their teachers and parents. And there must always be a comfortable learning environment in which the steam and fun of youthfulness could be let out.

Our Realities:

Thus, we came forward in 1999 to realize and bring to reality our research into finding practical relevance by establishing the Career Builder’s Academy Ltd. (CBA) as matter of policy puts its pupils at the centre of its corporate responsibility by ensuring that our educational and recreational services meet the expectations of our pupils. In this wise therefore, we recruit only resource persons that have received the best teaching education in the country and have distinguished themselves as first class youth trainers and good character models. Such teachers, who must be university graduates, must in addition have been involved in teaching for nothing less than 8 years.