• To increase participation rates in education and training for young people, adults, employers and the wider community which the college serves.

  • To continuously improve the standards of teaching and learning and encourage high expectations of both staff and students.

  • To encourage creativity and innovation, enabling learners to benefit from the use of new technologies.

  • To raise success rates for learners and consistently achieve upper quartile results against appropriate national benchmarks.

  • To maintain a well resourced learning environment suitable for the delivery of teaching and the promotion of learning in the 21st century.

  • To promote learner involvement in shaping service delivery and respond to key stakeholder feedback to help improve our services.

  • To proactively and continuously engage with our funding providers, to ensure that our strategy, measures and results are consistently monitored and amended in line with the required outcomes of those providers, in order to secure our long term viability.


At Career Builders Academy, we seek to support the effort of the students through the process of learning by bringing quality education to their doorsteps by means of advanced technologies.

Our activities are targeted at Youths in all secondary schools and terciary institutions with the aim of making learning desirable to them. Our objectives include...

* To make learning desirable to students

* To attend to students according to their peculiar academic needs

* To create the right environment for learning

* To closely supervise students through the process of learning. Thus encouraging personal confindence and self reliance in the students

* To do the common jobs of teaching in an uncommon way, building up the enthusiasm of the students in making extra preparation for every examination.


Our vision is to bring quality education to our youths that will make them rank among the best in the world and responsive to the creative and innovative abilities of the Nigerian people.